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Thermoplastic Elastomer


In the TPE elastomer industry,TPE It is regarded as the abbreviation of all thermoplastic elastomers. This is in a broad sense. TPU, TPEE, TPV, TPO, etc. belong to TPE. In a narrow sense, TPE is a styrene thermoplastic elastomer.

It is a material modified by blending SEBS (Styrene-Ethylene-Butylene-Styrene Block Copolymer).With plastic thermoplastic and rubber elasticity. The appearance of TPE is natural, semi-transparent or transparent round or cylindrical particles, and the surface is sub-surface effect. The density is generally 0.9-1.1 g / cm3.

TPE elastomer properties

The microstructure of TPE material determines its performance and determines its special status and role in the plastics The structure of TPE material does not contain unsaturated bonds, its properties are relatively stable, it has good

★temperature resistance (use temperature range -50-100 ℃), aging resistance, chemical resistance, and solvent resistance.

★The TPE material structure contains a rigid segment of ethylene-styrene in a glass state at normal temperature, which gives the material a fixed shape to ensure performance. The material structure contains a flexible butadiene segment in a high elastic state at room temperature, which gives the material a comfortable soft Tactile and elastic.

TPE materials do not introduce heavy metals during the production process, do not add toxic phthalate plasticizers, and comply with ROHS, REACH, EN71, PAHS and FDA environmental testing. Is the best material to replace PVC.

TPE material uses direct injection molding, easy processing, short molding cycle and easy recycling of waste products. It is an ideal material to replace rubber and silicone.

TPE materials can provide materials with diverse physical properties and hardness through changes in formulas and ratios to meet the most suitable requirements for different products.

TPE elastomer processing technology

TPE elastomer materials can be processed by injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, drooling, pouring, etc. According to the different hardness and physical properties of TPE, the processing temperature has a large gap. The general processing temperature is 110-230 ° C. Depending on the processing method, different TPE material formulas, and equipment differences, there are different processing temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to consult the supplier with the recommended processing temperature, pressure and other parameters of the purchased TPE material when purchasing plastic raw materials.

Application of TPE elastomer

★ Single material application

Direct injection molding produces soft rubber toys, luggage accessories, cushioning and shock absorbing parts. The use of TPE material is easy to process, has good softness and good elasticity, and meets the needs of customers.

★ Dual-material and multi-material applications.

TPE is very popular in multi-material applications. Coating the product with a layer of comfortable TPE can make the product feel more contemporary, and its comfortable touch and excellent physical properties are welcomed by consumers. When multiple materials are co-plasticized, ABS, PC, PA, PP, PS and other plastics can be firmly bonded. TPE / TPR can adjust a variety of physical properties and hardness, so that designers can use unlimited design inspiration. Application cases: tool handles, sports equipment, wheels, electronic materials, daily necessities, etc.

★ Food contact appliances.

Meet food contact hygiene, high temperature and low temperature resistance, can meet the comprehensive requirements of food appliances. TPE is comfortable to touch, non-slip, and easy to match with colorful colors. It is easy to use design inspiration and make life more colorful. Application cases: tableware handles, tableware spoons, forks, lids, non-slip coasters, refrigerator ice trays, etc.

★ Medical equipment

TPE conforms to the trend of green environmental protection and medical food hygiene, excellent chemical resistance, good touch, and increased product functionality and comfort. Application cases; medical tubes, disposable infusion sets, gas masks, stoppers, ear wash balls, etc.

★ Car accessories

TPE material can withstand high and low temperature (-50-100 ℃), excellent fluidity, oil resistance, excellent flexibility, excellent environmental protection, and meet customers' needs for extremely high weather resistance. Application cases: tire bumpers, handles, steering wheels, dust covers, etc., American popular car foot pads also use TPE as material.

★ Extruded products

TPE has good UV resistance and chemical resistance, and a simple extrusion process is a new ideal material to replace traditional rubber and PVC. Application cases: headphone cable, USB cable, cable, building sealing strip, door and window rubber strip, anti-collision buffer strip, etc.

★ Extra soft products

TPE / meets human skin contact hygiene requirements and is recognized as a green environmental protection material. Highly transparent, high tensile, high elongation and flexible touch (similar to the intimate touch of the skin), is highly sought after by consumers. Experience the intimate soft touch brought by TPE / TPR materials and take care. Application cases: soft soft toys, breast pads for women, adult products, etc.
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